At Vermont Natural Coatings, we are dedicated to investing in sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Our PolyWhey® Wood Finish has emerged as new coatings technology; durable, safe, interior and exterior finishes that have established the highest performance and environmental standards. PolyWhey uses whey proteins, a byproduct of cheese making, as its transformative ingredient. Developed through collaboration with scientists at the University of Vermont and local woodworkers, PolyWhey replaces toxic ingredients traditionally found in high performance wood finishes.

We innovate, formulate and manufacture from our plant in my hometown of Hardwick, Vermont, where my family operates an organic dairy farm. I started Vermont Natural Coatings from a conviction that the choices we make about materials used in our homes, schools and workplaces should include consideration for health and the environment.

Water-based and containing up to 45% renewable ingredients, our coatings are formulated to meet the highest quality specifications while meeting the safest standards in the industry. Upwards of 50% of our electricity is sourced from renewable resources, such as solar and hydro, through our local energy co-operative. Our packaging is recycled and our products ship from our plant via centralized distribution networks. From renewable energy and materials, to waste diversion, carbon neutrality, and investing in our local community, VNC is committed to carving a path towards the ‘right whey’ of doing business.

“We’ve grown by building strong relationships with retailers, contractors, architects and homeowners. Each connection is based on providing the best wood protection while making application and living conditions dramatically better. We’re as concerned about indoor air quality as we are outdoor air pollution. We’re proud of our lasting connections and partnerships and remain committed to developing products that use sustainable ingredients and are safe for people, pets and the environment.”

Andrew B. Meyer - Founder & President

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