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This is a place for us to showcase the work of our customers and we want to hear from you! What are you working on? Let us know how you are using Vermont Natural Coatings. Just email us with your name, what kind of project you’re working on and a few images of your work.

We’ll put your project on our site as inspiration for others.

Thanks for sharing!

Dan Caouette

Airstream Remodel with Sun Warden

First of the plywood cabinet facing has been installed!! Framing the other bench seat should go faster. The maple plywood, lightened with Sun Warden, should really brighten up the interior. When it first came in, I did a test piece on some scrap maple and left it outside in direct sun. The change in color already is quite striking.

Virginia DeJong Ruggiero

Garden Beds with Hemp Oil

I used your hemp oil for the first time yesterday. What a pleasure to work with and super easy cleanup! Can’t wait to plant my tomatoes.

Thanks for a great product. Can’t wait to see how it holds up through an Adirondack winter!

Jason Greg

Garden Beds with Exterior Wood Stain

Exterior Polywhey penetrating wood stain in Sterling Gray on his raised beds, and was very happy with his results.

Finished project. Turned out great with the Polywhey. Ty for your help.

Sophia Dipirro

Wooden Bowls with PolyWhey®

I used polywhey on all these. I finish all my wood projects with a natural finish and polywhey is definitely one of my favorites. Find Sophia on Instagram

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