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Stain & Finish + Furniture Finish

“I just refinished this old maple desk with your Backwoods Brown Stain & Finish, & Furniture Finish. You have amazing products that help an amateur create something that looks professional. Thank you!”

Neal Brodien
Port Angleles, WA

Exterior Polywhey on Cold Frames

So, this year I used Vermont Natural Coatings semi-transparent PolyWhey® Exterior Penetrating Wood Stain in the color: Lakeside Cedar. This company uses whey proteins instead of toxic ingredients found in traditional wood finish. (Their products also have ultra-low VOC levels, and are free from carcinogens, mutagens, and reprotoxins that are still found in many products claiming to have low or no VOCs.) Their penetrating wood stain goes on easily, has a thin consistency that doesn’t gunk up your brush, and it hardly smells at all compared to other stains.             

From Colorado Gardener –

Idelle Fisher
Denver, CO

Low-VOC Interior Log Finish

“For the interior, you have more choices….

Vermont Natural Coatings was my top choice for a durable coating that holds up well on wood and is very low odor. It has the best combo of durable and low odor that I have found.”

Low-VOC Exterior Log Finish

On exterior spruce/fir/pine logs that do not already have a stain/sealant on them, you can use SunCare900 Primer (1 coat), followed by Bohme Ligno Exterior Stain, a super low-VOC water/oil hybrid exterior grade stain and topcoat in one (2 coats).

From – 

Corinne Segura-


Terra Plus Honey on Cedar Decking

“Here are a few before and after shots or our recently stained cedar deck.  Most of the decking you see in the photos was installed late last fall and treated on both sides with a Cabot clear coating that was recommended to us by our local hardware store. By springtime it was completely bleached out as you can see in the first photo.  We recently applied two coats of Vermont Natural Coatings Terra Plus Honey and the outcome is startlingly beautiful. As good as if not better than I had hoped for.  We stained two flights of stairs and a lower landing. Close to 1100 SF of decking and rail-tops. Used around 8 gallons. So far, very much worth the money. Hoping that it lasts!”

John G.

Huntington, VT

Exterior Penetrating Stain on White Cedar Door

Hello Vermont  Natural Coatings,
A new front door made of Vermont northern white cedar purchased at P&R lumber, Walcott VT.   Threshold made of Vermont white ash.  All finished with VNC exterior penetrating wood stain, Caspian clear.  I find your products to be of excellent quality, easy to use, great results.”

Frank Peterson

Worcester, VT

Swarm Traps For Honeybees

Hey awesome product! We are always happy using your product as the stuff is so eco friendly! Thanks and keep up the great work!  I have been using it to treat swarm traps for honeybees.”

Seth Dougan

“A king-size cedar bed was built for me. I love that bed. However, I had not applied any coating to it until a few days ago, when I dismantled the bed and brought its headboard, footboard, and side railings into the garage.
I told my holistic friend about my intentions to “polyurethane” the bed. She immediately said I should use a Vermont Natural Coatings finish, and not a “toxic” polyurethane.
I then traveled to the company and left with a gallon of their PolyWhey finish. I applied it to the cedar bed. No fumes! Did not have to wear a gas mask! The stuff is awesome!  And the finish turned out great.”
Jerry Johnson

Vermont Author

Airstream Remodel with Sun Warden

“First of the plywood cabinet facing has been installed!! Framing the other bench seat should go faster. The maple plywood, lightened with Sun Warden, should really brighten up the interior. When it first came in, I did a test piece on some scrap maple and left it outside in direct sun. The change in color already is quite striking.”

Dan Caouette

Garden Beds with Hemp Oil

“I used your hemp oil for the first time yesterday. What a pleasure to work with and super easy cleanup! Can’t wait to plant my tomatoes.

Thanks for a great product. Can’t wait to see how it holds up through an Adirondack winter!”

Virginia DeJong Ruggiero

Jason Greg

Garden Beds with Exterior Wood Stain

Exterior Polywhey penetrating wood stain in Sterling Gray on his raised beds, and was very happy with his results.

Finished project. Turned out great with the Polywhey. Ty for your help.

Sophia Dipirro

Wooden Bowls with PolyWhey®

I used polywhey on all these. I finish all my wood projects with a natural finish and polywhey is definitely one of my favorites. Find Sophia on Instagram

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