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Sun Warden

Vermont Natural Coatings and Bohme’s Sun Warden™ is for use on ceilings, floors, furniture, cabinets and walls and is intended for use on new or bare white wood.

Superior anti-yellowing technology protects wood from damaging UV rays without changing the natural appearance of the wood.

Enhanced water and chemical resistance.

Large volume customers please contact us for a customized finish.

Available in 2 colors: Clear, and White Wash



Product Details

  • Ultra-Low VOC (Less than 30g/L)
  • Covers 300-400 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Ready for second coat after 6-12 hours
  • 12 month shelf life unopened
  • Available in quarts, gallons and five gallon pails
  • Easy application & water cleanup

Product Information

Sun Warden_Product Profile

Sun Warden Safety Data Sheet

Four On The Floor Information Sheet

Additional Product Information:

  • Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • For use on untreated new or bare interior wood.


  1. Stir well prior to use.
  2. Always test the finish on a sample piece of wood to confirm the desired appearance. For best results apply in temperatures between 60° – 80°F and relative humidity of 40%-60%
  3. Apply with brush, paint pad, roller or spray on untreated or bare wood.
  4. Two coats are recommended.
  5. Apply evenly with the grain and always maintain a wet edge.
  6. Product will be ready for second coat after 6-12 hours depending on conditions. One gallon will cover approximately 300-400 sq. ft. depending on the porosity of wood.

International Shipping

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey© finishes are in use from Canada to Peru to Japan. Our international customers enjoy hassle-free, dependable ordering and shipping services from the Vermont Natural Coatings team.

For queries on international shipping, contact info@vermontnaturalcoatings.com or call us at (802) 472-8700.