PolyWhey® EZ-PRO Wood Floor Finish

A water-based finish recommended for all residential and light commercial interior hardwood floors. Neutral odor, great coverage, quick-drying, easy cleanup and long life make PolyWhey EZ-PRO an economical choice when selecting an environmentally-friendly and durable finish. Exceptionally smooth and easy to use, EZ-PRO is “The Roller’s Choice”.


Product Details

  • Single component. No limited pot life, no wasted finish
  • Excellent flow and leveling
  • Complies with all US and Canadian VOC regulations
  • Fast drying and curing allows up to 3 coats in a single day
  • Available in matte, satin, and semi-gloss


Surface preparation: Sand and prepare floor using NWFA industry standards. Vacuum and wipe surface clean prior to coating. Recommended applicators: T-bar, roller, or painters pad.


Stir and shake finish before applying. Pour a 2″ bead of finish
near the starting wall. Use a dampened T-bar sleeve, roller sleeve or painters pad and pull the finish with the grain of the wood. Maintain a wet edge at all times. Feather out all turns. Avoid moving too quickly and maintain steady, medium pressure to avoid applicator drips. Allow the first coat to dry 2 hours. High humidity and/or low temperature conditions may increase dry time. For best results, apply in temps between 65°F-80°F with a relative humidity of 40%-60%. Up to 4 oz. of water per gallon may be added for variable application conditions.

Covers approximately 600-700 square feet per gallon

International Shipping

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey© finishes are in use from Canada to Peru to Japan. Our international customers enjoy hassle-free, dependable ordering and shipping services from the Vermont Natural Coatings team.

For queries on international shipping, contact [email protected] or call us at (802) 472-8700.

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