PolyWhey® 3500 Wood Floor Finish

Introducing PolyWhey® 3500 by Vermont Natural Coatings – the award-winning sustainable solution for commercial and high-traffic residential interior hardwood floors. Engineered for durability, PolyWhey® 3500 offers exceptional resistance against marks and scratches, effortlessly enduring the daily rigors of heavy use. With its neutral odor, superior coverage, quick drying time, and easy cleanup, it has become the top choice among flooring professionals. Notably, PolyWhey® 3500 Satin is compliant with CDPH Standard Method V1.2, boasting the safest emissions and indoor air quality results with levels ≤ 0.5 mg/m³. Recognized as the Sustainable Product of the Year in 2024 and 23  by Green Builder Media, Vermont Natural Coatings continues to lead the industry in eco-friendly innovation. Trust PolyWhey® 3500 for unmatched performance and sustainability, setting the standard for responsible flooring solutions.

CDPH Standard Metod V1.2 Compliant

PolyWhey 3500 Satin is certified CDPH Standard Method V1.2 compliant through the ClearChem program. Learn About the ClearChem program.




Product Details

  • Single component. No limited pot life, no wasted finish
  • Premium formulation yields premium durability
  • At 95 g/L, complies with all US and Canadian VOC regulations
  • Certified to meet strictest environmental standards – contains no red list ingredients
  • Available in matte, satin and semi-gloss


Surface preparation: Sand and prepare floor using NWFA industry standards. Vacuum and wipe surface clean prior to coating. Recommended applicators: T-bar, roller, or painters pad.


Stir and shake finish before applying. Pour a 2″ bead of finish near the starting wall. Use a dampened T-bar sleeve, roller sleeve or painters pad and pull the finish with the grain of the wood. Maintain a wet edge at all times. Feather out all turns. Avoid moving too quickly and maintain steady, medium pressure to avoid applicator drips. Allow the first coat to dry 2 hours. High humidity and/or low temperature conditions may increase dry time. For best results, apply in temperatures between 65°F-80°F with a relative humidity of 40%-60%. Up to 4 oz. of water per gallon may be added for variable application conditions. Between coats: For best results, abrade after each finish application with a fine 220 grit paper. For PolyWhey 3500, abrade if 24 hours have passed since the previous coat was applied. Always vacuum and tack thoroughly with a clean, damp cloth.

Covers approximately 600-700 square feet per gallon

International Shipping

Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey© finishes are in use from Canada to Peru to Japan. Our international customers enjoy hassle-free, dependable ordering and shipping services from the Vermont Natural Coatings team.

For queries on international shipping, contact [email protected] or call us at (802) 472-8700.

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