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Vermont Natural Coating in the News

Creative Floor Solutions


There aren’t enough good things for Robert Pereira, principal of Creative Floor Solutions, to say about Norton Abrasives |Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® Professional Wood Floor Finishes. The owner of the New Jersey company serving the New York City market has collected an impressive portfolio of high-end commercial and residential projects since entering the industry a little over a decade ago. A quick look at his gallery reveals chic and innovative aesthetics that emphasize sustainability and design sense.

Becoming a success in the New York City market is challenging, but Pereira maintains that the key is to stay current, do good work and use great products. To Pereira, that means choosing Norton Abrasives |Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey 3000 Professional Wood Floor Sealer and 3500 Professional Wood Floor Finish.

When talking to customers about the line, Pereira says, “I try to be informative about the fact that it doesn’t have carcinogens, but I also let the product speak for itself.”

“I like that I can use it to screen and coat other floors, which provides a more durable finish than a customer is getting from some factory finishes. Once it sets, the 3500 is like glass. It’s a really great product.”

Norton Abrasives/Vermont Natural Coatings Professional Wood Floor Finishes are single-component, water-based floor finishes for commercial, residential, and sport floor applications. Safe, durable and easy to apply, the finishes surpass the competition in testing and will outperform other water-based coatings in the toughest commercial settings. The line meets the highest professional applications and environmental standards with low VOCs and no carcinogens.

Pereira doesn’t have to worry about meeting New York City’s strict regulations on VOCs in polyurethanes when using PolyWhey Floor Finishes since the products are almost odorless. He likes that it’s easy to work with and that job time is shortened since there is no need to abrade between coats of finish.

The best part of the job for Pereira? “It’s rewarding being a part of the process of making a “home” for someone.  The floor gives the room that final piece of character.”

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