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Your Guide to Using Wood Conditioner

Wood conditioner is a great tool that can help to give a more uniform look when it comes to staining your woodworking project.  If you are looking for a more uniform stain application, keep reading to learn what our wood conditioner does and how to use it.  

What Does Wood Conditioner Do?

Our wood conditioner is an optional pre-stain treatment for wood. Any given piece of wood has varying levels of porosity throughout it meaning that stain will absorb in some places more than others.  

Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not!  

Some prefer the more natural look of our All-in-One Stain & Finish without wood conditioner. Others prefer the wood conditioner and the uniform, smoother look it gives. We always suggest sampling the two in a discreet spot or on a piece of scrap wood to know what look you’d like to get and what works best for your project.  

How to Use Our Wood Conditioner

  1. On your clean, sanded wood surface, apply one coat of wood conditioner. Allow up to two hours to dry.  
  2. Use a fine grit sandpaper to knock down any grain raise that may occur as the wood conditioner is a water-based product. In our YouTube video, we use 220 grit. 
  3. Remove any dust from the surface of the wood.  
  4. Apply two coats of Vermont Natural Coatings’ All-in-One Stain & Finish, allowing at least 2 hours in between coats.  
  5. As stain dries, it will lighten in color, apply Vermont Natural Coatings Furniture or Floor Finish on top to enhance the vibrancy of your stain.  

 Want to see a side by side of with versus without wood conditioner? Check out our YouTube video here to see it in action!  

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