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Vermont Natural Coating in the News

Vermont Natural Coatings launches Sun Warden

HARDWICK, VT, — Vermont Natural Coatings, manufacturer of high performance naturally derived whey-based wood finishes, has launched Sun Warden™, a revolutionary coating that protects wood against the discoloration effects of sunlight and UV rays.

Sun Warden is a premium interior treatment that maintains the wood’s natural appearance. Sun Warden guards against UV rays while providing high tech anti-yellowing protection, leaving a matte finish that can be top coated with Vermont Natural Coatings clear PolyWhey®.

“Wood is extremely photosensitive and will eventually darken due to sunlight and UV rays,” said Andrew Meyer Vermont Natural Coatings founder and president.  “Sun Warden is for those who prefer to keep the natural look of raw wood.”

Formulated to meet VOC and safety limits in all 50 states and Canada, Sun Warden’s anti-discoloring protection system is suitable for wooden ceilings, paneling, walls, floors, beams, cabinets and furniture.

Vermont Natural Coatings is a locally based, environmentally sustainable business producing PolyWhey wood finishes naturally derived, without toxic chemicals. PolyWhey is a patented formula using whey, a byproduct of cheese making, as its linchpin ingredient. The company manufactures a full line of floor, furniture and exterior wood finishes that have been named a Top 10 Building Product and heralded as a durable finish meeting the highest environmental and professional standards.

For More Information, contact David Dillon: (802) 472-8700, [email protected]

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