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Non-Toxic Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Shops to Purchase Sustainable, Non-Toxic Gifts from

What better *whey* to get into the holiday spirit than sharing some of the wonderful artists and businesses that use Vermont Natural Coatings! 

Keep reading to discover 6 artists and businesses creating non-toxic, sustainable gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. 


Anisa Dawn

Based in Alabama, Anisa started their woodcarving journey 3 years ago. Anisa puts incredible detail and care into each one of their items, no matter how small!  

Contact Anisa on Instagram to shop their avocado pendants and other products.

A little more about Anisa and their business:  

Hi, I’m Anisa Dawn, an artist, woodcarver, & sculptor in the Birmingham, AL area. While I’ve been a visual artist & musician all my life, I found my greatest passion when I started wood carving nearly 3 years ago. I love using offcuts (scraps) from other makers, reclaiming wood from old furniture, & reusing everything I can. This, & finding amazing inspiration on Instagram, naturally led me to carve avocado pits into necklace pendants! 


Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Maple Landmark Woodcraft is based right here in our home state of Vermont! From a wide variety of children’s toys and activity kits to home decor, the Rainville’s and their team create beautiful and safe products everyone can enjoy. 

Shop Maple Landmark Woodcraft here

A little more about Maple Landmark Woodcraft: 

Maple Landmark is a wooden products manufacturer located in Middlebury, Vermont. Since 1979, the 45 woodworkers at Maple Landmark have been crafting a wide array of award-winning toys, games, and gifts from local and sustainable wood. Maple Landmark uses a variety of manufacturing systems, innovative product design, and modern technology integrated with classic woodworking to remain competitive in a crowded industry that faces significant international trade pressures. Distributing products across the United States and sometimes internationally, Maple Landmark is recognized as a standard for quality wooden products in an increasingly tech-driven world. 


Wegener Surf

Have a surfing fanatic in your life? Look no further than Wegener Surf to provide them with a beautifully handcrafted, sustainable surfboard or handplane. Jon Wegener brings his passion of surfing and shaping into each board that he makes to create a premium board for surfers! 

Shop Wegener Surf here

A little more about Wegener Surf:  

Jon Wegener grew up, began surfing and shaping in Southern California. He has been shaping since 1987 and has dreamed of doing nothing else except surfing and shaping ever since. In addition to starting Wegener Surfboards, he has also shaped for other veteran shapers including Hap Jacobs and Bing Surfboards.  

Since Jon began working with wood, he has not only looked for ways to combine his two passions, he has strived to make his regular surfboards “ASAP” (as sustainable as possible). Jon is more excited about where the surfing world is going now, than at any other time in his surfing/shaping career. At Wegener Surfboards we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new path that surfing has taken, and we can’t wait to see what new developments are waiting up ahead. 



For the person whose home is filled with outdoor gear, give the gift of Grassracks! Grassracks are the new way to both store and show off your biking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, you name it, gear. Grassracks are durable, easy to install, made sustainably, and will create a stunning display of your gear on any wall. 

Shop Grassracks here

A little more about Grassracks: 

We saw many outdoor adventurers (and even ourselves) loving their gear intensely but then casting it aside once the adventure was over. Not only was there a great opportunity to give our outdoorsy peers a way to protect their gear, but also to get it organized and on display in a way we could all appreciate.  

We designed Grassracks with 3 goals in mind: 

  1. Create something gorgeous and deserving of our gear and homes in which they reside.
  2. Create something strong and functional to protect and display outdoor gear properly.
  3. Create something that’s easy to install.


Bodhi Rings

Bamboo is not only a renewable resource, but incredibly strong. Bodhi Rings harnesses the power of bamboo to handcraft wooden rings, bowties, personalized wall art, and more. Give this personal, thoughtful, and sustainable gift for that special someone on your holiday shopping list! 

 Shop Bodhi Rings here

A little more about Bodhi Rings: 

Bodhi Rings are physical, wearable reminders to be a little nicer, a little better, and to start making a positive change in our world. Each ring is handcrafted from re-purposed bamboo, and it’s from this bamboo that we draw our inspiration. 

Bamboo survives and thrives in adverse climates, is incredibly strong yet flexible and light, and provides food and housing for billions of people and animals all over the world in a way that protects our soil and cleans our air. From bamboo we learn to weather tough times, bend but not break, and benefit from our community but leave it better than we found it. Like bamboo, we need to live in a sustainable way that positively contributes to the world around us. 



Want to know what GregoDesigned does best? Creates unique, wood lathed furniture and art out of reclaimed wood! Gregory creates a variety of eye-catching products for the home including wall art, mirrors, tables, and more.  

Shop GregoDesigned here

Use code VNC15 to get 15% off most items through January 15th!

A little more about GregoDesigned:  

While remodeling my own home from the studs up, I became very interested in reclaiming old materials and making them new and fresh again. Behind our plaster walls, I found beautiful wood lath that really sparked my creativity. After I started playing with the wood lath, I just couldn’t stop. I started off using the wood lath as a feature wall and backsplash in our kitchen. I love the natural patina and variation that 100 year old lath has and I now make tables of various sizes, art panels, frames, clocks, coasters and other home decor items out of it as well as custom work. 

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