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Need a Change? Tips to Revitalize Your Living Space | By On-Par Parent

Courtesy of On-Par Parent | By Jason Kenner

Photo Credit: Taryn Elliott via Pexels

If you’re like most people, you’ve seen more of your home in the past few years than you expected. In fact, you’ve stared at it for so long that you’re itching for a major change! But fear not. There are smaller changes that you can make to refresh and revitalize your space that won’t require a huge budget or a major demolition. Your home should be a space where you can relax and enjoy life, so it’s time to reorganize and redecorate. Here are some tips from Vermont Natural Coatings to get your home functional and fashionable, so you can feel fabulous in it. 

Declutter and Organize

Have you been feeling stressed lately? You’re not the only one! To keep stress at bay, you should think about getting rid of clutter and getting your home nice and organized. Verywell Mind notes that stepping back into an organized home can actually make you feel calmer — and that’s actually backed up by science!  

Take a day or two and go room-by-room. A good strategy is to take every single item out of its place, sort through your stuff, and neatly put back what you want to keep. Want to reorganize your home with minimal elbow grease? Get online and pick up a few nifty products, like drawer dividers, space-making shelves, and other storage. 

If you have a home office, staying organized is the key to managing your stress levels. You want to make sure you have systems and tools in place to deal with information and tasks as they come up without becoming overwhelmed. You also want to invest in ergonomic furniture and good lighting, too. 

Deep Clean Everything

Also use this time to complete a nice deep cleaning of your home. Use this handy checklist from HomeLight to deep clean your home now and on a regular basis to keep your family healthy and happy.  

 Also, you might find that it’s easier to clean if you temporarily box up and empty out much of what’s in the rooms, giving you more room to work. To avoid confusion when it’s time to put everything back, try using a label maker to keep your boxes straight. 

Furniture still looking a little dingy or stained after cleaning? You may need to call in the pros! You can find the best furniture cleaning companies in your area with a quick online search, then pare down your options after reading reviews and comparing quotes. Don’t hesitate to ask for a referral or two. Lastly, ask about the tools and products they use to do the job — you can usually recognize reputable pros by the equipment they use. 

Make a Few Updates

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact on your living space. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room or even just on an accent wall can revitalize your home. You can also apply a coat of PolyWhey Wood Finish to walls, trim or flooring to finish off the areas. 

You can also update hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers for an instant upgrade. If you, like so many others, are continuing to work from home, consider making a dedicated office space out of an extra bedroom or a walk in closet. A home office can be just what the doctor ordered. Create a home office that is conducive to remote work, starting a home business, or earning a degree in your spare time. With an online degree like one focused on accounting, human resources, or IT, you can complete coursework totally from the convenience of your home office, and on your schedule. 

 Get creative! And if you need to get additional electrical wiring to convert a lesser used area, like the garage or closet, call a qualified electrician. They can install new wiring or fix older wiring to keep you – and your electronics – happy. Any upgrades you do can raise your home’s valuation, too, so save your receipts in case you decide a move is in your future.  

Start Working on a Refresh

With your home sparkling clean and fresh, it will be easier to see what needs a little update. Whether you plan on buying new furniture or revamping your interior, plan your improvements so you can maintain a good flow in your home and balance in your budget.  

Don’t neglect commonly overlooked cleaning tasks! Keeping your windows clean, for example, makes your interiors brighter and more inviting. Some parts of your home’s windows can be difficult to clean, however. Search house window washers in your area to find service providers that can make short work of window cleaning projects. 

Focus on Updates That Inspire Calm

As you work on updates, keep style, serenity, and convenience top of mind. There is still a lot of stress and anxiety in the world, but your home living space should provide you with a sanctuary.  

Better Homes & Gardens points out that you can achieve this sense of calm and comfort with small touches, like using neutral colors, layering textiles, and being strategic with lighting. Add candles and soothing scents and a few houseplants for a healing touch of nature. Plants can bring the anxiety-reducing power of nature into your home, but only if you treat them well. Do a little research before you purchase your houseplants, and look online for a quality plant humidifier to keep your new green friends happy. Read through some reviews and look for some good deals before you invest. Your plants will thank you, and you won’t have to feel guilty about their drooping leaves when you walk into the room. 

Consider also applying stress management techniques at home; this is especially important if you’re a remote worker. For example, letting more light into your home can work wonders on your stress levels. Even if you’re using accent lighting to high parts of your home or office, keeping things bright can go a long way toward boosting your mood and controlling stress.  

You and your family deserve some fun and relaxation. So even if you plan on stepping out and spending more time away from it, make sure your home is all set up to welcome you back after a long, stressful day. Start with some organizing and deep cleaning. Then, plan updates that will help you relax, unwind, and enjoy life. 

Vermont Natural Coatings provides durable, safe, interior and exterior finishes that have established the highest performance and environmental standards. Shop online today or contact us for more info! 888-639-9439 or 802-472-8700 

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