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Jack Devine Hardwood Floors


Ron Kerns, of Jack Devine Hardwood Floors, has been refinishing floors for 25 years. He started out at age 16 with the company and since then has moved through the ranks to become the owner. His expertise and focus on gym floors made him an obvious choice for a floor refinishing project at Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution. Located in Fort Dix, New Jersey, it is the largest single federal prison in America, with over 4,000 minimum security inmates.

Kerns knew he wanted to use a Norton/Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® Professional Wood Floor Finish because of the success he’s had using the the products on residential projects and hearing the staff at City Floor Supply (then Philly Floor Store) rave about the full line, including the MVP Sport Floor Finish.  The MVP surpasses the competition in abrasion and mar resistance which means it can stand up to the challenging environment of a prison gymnasium.

PolyWhey Professional Wood Floor Finishes, including MVP Sport Floor Sealer and MVP Sport Floor Finish, are single-component, water-based floor products.  Safe, durable, fast-drying and easy to apply, the finishes have a neutral odor and are low VOC, surpassing the strictest indoor air quality standards which means the maintenance staff can recoat the floor while the prisoners are still within the walls of the facility without concern for the health and safety of the population.

According to Kerns, choosing Norton/Vermont Natural Coatings MVP for the prison gym “was a crucial issue with drying times and the fumes. There are offices adjacent to the gym floor and the people around there needed the lowest possible odor. In a prison, you can’t exactly move people out; there always has to be someone there.”

Norton/Vermont Natural Coatings MVP “flows nice, lays nice, settles down well, and as for the odor factor-there’s virtually no odor,” he adds.


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