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EasyWhey Provides Simple and Cost Saving Solutions for Contractors

Reason for use: A hundred year old wide plank southern yellow pine floor was showing wear and tear. The customer wanted new replacement boards to match the aged look of the rest of the floor. Matching new boards with aged wood would be near impossible, so EasyWhey Color™ was used over the top of the new wood to approximate the color of the existing wood before topcoating with PolyWhey® 3500.

Application: Mike Mathis, a contractor from Classic Services, completed the job. He raves about  EasyWhey, “When a floor does not need to be sanded—the floor itself is level and the finish is in decent shape—all you have to do is roll sealer and put the EasyWhey on the floor and put another coat of finish on. Basically you can redo someone’s floor in a day versus in five days. I’m very happy with the product. It’s doing what it is designed to do.”

Contractor Analysis: Mathis sees incredible potential for EasyWhey Color. “It’s going to speed up the process on jobs. When you have to make the customer move out of the house, the are inconvenienced for a couple weeks. When you use EasyWhey, you’re looking at a day or two days.They could go away for the weekend, go away on Friday, come back on Monday, but you’re not going to sand that big of a job and put it back together in a couple days, I don’t care how many how guys you got on the job. Youdon’t have that time frame because of dry time” If the repairs are happening only in a small area of the house, the customer can potentially still stay in the house since the products are LOW VOC, low odor and contain no carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxins. Mathis continues, “and the other thing with EasyWhey is you have a 20 minute dry time, whereas if you put stain on the floor, even the DuraSeal Penetrating Stain, you’re still looking at an 8 hour dry time. That’s a whole day. EasyWhey is going to speed up the process on some of these floors to where you can make a decent amount of money for your labor and not spend a lot of time doing it.”

To read more and view photos of the job, download the PDF here!


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