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EasyWhey Color Repairs Premature Color Wear on Engineered Flooring

Reason for use: Approximately 30,000 square feet of custom color, wire brushed wide plank engineered flooring was produced for produced for this project by a mill in Italy, with Architectural Flooring Resource and Creative Flooring Solutions handling the install. The initial color began to wear within weeks in high traffic areas. The assessment was that because the wire brushed floor couldn’t be sanded and finished, it would have to be removed and replaced. The mill blamed the architect, the architect blamed the design firm and everyone looked to AFR. Frank Coppolino and Robert Pereira were Bob Goldstein’s students many years ago and called him for advice. He recommended EasyWhey™ Floor Color. Vermont Natural Coatings sent them enough product to do a test area in front of two elevator landings. The results impressed all and AFR was given the green light to apply EasyWhey Floor Color and then top coat with PolyWhey® 3500 matte.

Application Summary: A gravity feed applicator and a specific microfiber mop were the recommended tools. Over 3000 square feet were coated on day one and over 6000 square feet by the end of day two. All of the areas were then coated with PolyWhey 3500 matte. The crew was impressed with the ease of application, particularly the fact that the product left no application marks but still dried quickly. Also, the floor had micro-bevels that did not show any color concentration. The on-site estimate was 900 square feet of coverage per quart – very good considering the rough surface and the micro-beveled edges.

Analysis: EasyWhey Floor Color provided a solution that saved a complete removal and re-install for a custom floor, a huge savings to all parties. The specific change, however, is one available to all previously coated wood floors: enhance and refresh worn floors without heavy equipment.

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