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Vermont Natural Coating in the News

Celebrating the Finish that Started it all

Sometimes we get so excited by our new products (like this year’s EasyWhey launch or last year’s Böhme and Stain & Finish releases) that we forget to admire how amazing our original products are. That’s why we want to acknowledge the Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey® product that started it all, our original Floor Finish.

Since the first can of PolyWhey Floor Finish was sold in 2007, it has provided nearly 37 million square feet of coverage in tens of thousands of homes across the US and Canada. This means that thousands of homes, families and contractors have been spared from the exposure of carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxins that are commonly used in conventional wood finishes. It also means that up to 24 tons of VOCs have been kept out of the atmosphere over other finishes, and nearly 45 tons of whey (a waste product of cheese making) has been reclaimed into our Floor Finish alone.

And on top of all of that – PolyWhey Floor Finish provides superior durability, easy application and soap & water cleanup. Whey protein, unique to our finishes, is incredibly tough and means that we can deliver the safest and most durable finishes on the market on both bare or previously varnished or stained wood floors. We’re proud to be leading the movement to change the coatings industry by refusing to accept that toxic ingredients are a necessity in creating a high-quality product.


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