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Vermont Natural Coating in the News

Vermont Natural Coatings Returns to Greenbuild

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GreenBuild is the world’s largest conference of green companies, industry leaders, and professionals and every year it attracts thousands of attendees who are dedicated to sustainability. Vermont Natural Coatings first hit the national stage at GreenBuild in 2008 when we were awarded a top-10 green building product award and we’re looking forward to exhibiting in Los Angeles this October.

At Vermont Natural Coatings, we believe that the products in your home shouldn’t pose a threat to you, your family, or your pets’ health. We take our work seriously, and our commitment to safety and durability is at the center of everything we do. Whether it’s organic food or sustainably made products, the movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle is on the rise and the GreenBuild conference highlights just how large this movement has become.

As more consumers and industries begin to explore green building practices it’s essential that we continue to innovate and raise the bar for the products that we produce. Transparency is key. At Vermont Natural Coatings we’re committed to keeping carcinogens, mutagens, and reprotoxins out of our products in addition to formaldehyde, phthalates or any red list ingredients.

The GreenBuild event is the perfect time to learn more about what companies all over the world are doing to support sustainable building and how we can all improve our efforts to make our homes and workplaces safer with a more minimal impact on our environmental resources. It’s only with continued effort and the encouragement of our community that we can strive to exceed expectations for the safety, durability and beauty of our built environment. Sustainability isn’t a buzzword, it’s a responsibility that we all share. There’s a better whey.

Please come visit us at GreenBuild 2016

October 5th + 6th from 10am-6pm

Booth #2315

Los Angeles Convention Center

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